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A personal branding strategy is a plan of action, using your reputation and career from nobody to high visibility. Personal branding coaches conducts a personal audit of your persona,describing where you stand today, understand your life or career goals.Help in personal branding includes, what level of visibility you want to achieve in the future, and curating brandingyourself strategies for success.

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Aenslee Tanner
Founder & Creative Director of Personal Brand Agency

How it works

STEP 1: Discover yourself

In order to really understand who you are and carve out a career path moving forward, investing in self-discovery is critical.

STEP 2: Create your personal brand

Creating your personal brand is all about forming marketing materials that position you as extraordinary in your niche.

STEP 3: Communicate your personal branding

This stage is focused on allowing personal branding to gain the necessary visibility to open opportunities, based on your passion or what people perceive you online

STEP 4: Maintain branding yourself momentum

Monitor your personal brand online to ensure all conversations about you are positive and factual using reputation management.

Our Clients Says

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I am student in UK University and I am international student here studying MBA. I realised it’s a competitive job market as there are thousands with MBA degree so I opted for BrandingSelf LinkedIn personal branding services. I happy with the way LinkedIn content writing is being done every week.

Arslan Sheikh

University of Bradford

My sector is stagnating and I needed growth hence I approached BrandingSelf for changing my LinkedIn writing service to scale heights in Unilever UK. So I was recommended LinkedIn branding services UK that is quite satisfactory for me till now. I have gained followers in my profile which is phenomenal.

Ansel Button

Unilever UK

I availed Brandingself services for LinkedIn content writing aiming to grow in my middle management profile. I subscribed for six months and was impressed. I extended it for further one year. I can recommend these professional experts as trusted guys with capable results.

Steve Clark


I opted for LinkedIn makeover and it requires excellent skills. I was quite apprehensive at first but I am happy that I have chosen your service. I am pretty much impressed with what you as a branding agency have done for me. People for fashion wardrobe overhaul I opted for LinkedIn makeover.

Michael Adams

Allen & Overy UK

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