Personal Brand Website

Your personal brand website is your home on the web, the hub of the content you create and a destination for every member of the network you’re building to power your career.The content you post on social media networks belongs to those networks. You need to own your personal brand and purposefully direct it. You do that first and foremost with your website, which allows you to:

  • Project yourself the way you want, the way you control
  • Stand out from those you compete with
  • Globalize your reach
  • Create connections with like-minded people
  • Create a calling card that’s far more compelling than a business card or resume

Why do you need a personal website?

Although anyone can launch a personal website, it benefits some professionals more than others like psychologists, architects, lawyers, media celebrities, interior designer, fashion desginer. But in this day and age of easy internet accessibility, the harsh fact remains: If you don’t manage your online image, it will manage you as a brand in this competitive world. Anyone who wants to make an impression online requires a website in firstnamelastname, a personal domain name that is owned by you in this whole world which makes you unique. So if you dream to land a new job or big client, show off their portfolio, promote a project, or just connect with like-minded netizens — can do so with a personal website.


Reasons to setup personal website

  1. A personal website gives you control when it comes to positioning your business personality

Because of the customizable nature of building a website, the majority of hiring managers prefer personal websites over any other branding tool for making decisions about a candidate.

  1. A personal website makes you more accessible

Just by putting yourself out there on the web, you’re giving potential clients, customers and recruiters a chance to find you.

  1. You own the content on a personal website

You don’t have to worry about content disappearing or having to deal with any social feed algorithm changes because you control everything on your personal website.

  1. A personal website will help build your personal brand

Having a personal website allows freelancers and business owners to build an audience, position themselves as experts, and start attracting clients

  1. A professional email address that incorporates your personal domain name

Besides appearing more professional, some benefits of having a business email address include easy recall, legitimizing business transactions (including email marketing).

After design thoughts and website being build, ask yourself Does Your Website Enhance Your Personal Brand? So before jumping into it search for simple personal website examples, may be personal portfolio website examples. If you are a student search for personal website examples for students or compare to find the

best website for personal website in Google. Get more personal website designs in WordPress, or generate more personal website ideas that suits your profession to construct personal portfolio website.

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