CMI UK recommends UK University students to perfect your personal branding


About CMI, it is a dedicated British Institution. CMI UK recommends UK University students to perfect your personal branding; it is  providing services to employers, education providers, and students like you, to streamline management development and maximise employability in the UK and at global level. CMI is the UK’s only chartered professional body offering the highly coveted Chartered Manager (CMgr) status. With its origins dating back to 1945, the CMI community is made up of over 100,000 members.

CMI Qualification Level 5

Diploma in Management and Leadership

  • BA (Hons) Business Management
  • BA (Hons) Business Management with Marketing

CMI Qualification Level 7

Award in Strategic Management and Leadership

  • MSc Corporate Financial Management

Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership

  • MSc International Marketing
  • MSc Leadership and Human Resource Management

Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

  • MSc Strategic Business Management

The above following awards are available for our campus and online students.

CMI mentoring services for UK university students

The UK online CMI mentoring community is made up of over 120,000 members. Our UK CMI Mentors are matched with mentees according to the skills, experience and industry of your interest. After creating an online profile as a UK university student, you will write a proposal for a potential mentor to accept. Once you have established a relationship with your UK mentor, you will benefit from new business skills, improved self-confidence, and insider knowledge of what today’s UK employers demand. Your CMI mentor will be provided with a resource pack to ensure you are progressing towards your shared objectives throughout the duration of your mentorship.

Career development centre for UK university students

As a CMI member, you will also benefit from a career development centre. Use CMI’s CV building tool and review service to best present your experience and credentials to your next UK employer. Seek advice from over 300 UK Hiring Managers on how to ace your next interview in UK organisation, and maximise your employability by staying up-to-date on current job listings via our vacancy database. As a UK student you need to network and STUNITED helps in that. You’ll also have access to self-development modules that feature topical employer videos, employer training podcasts, written tutorials, and premium source articles on industry trends. The UK CMI’s e-learning hub features an array of updated videos, tutorials and articles that will teach you career and business skills such as aiming for a promotion and understanding career management for excelling in UK.

Where can CMI qualification in UK take you to?

After completing CMI qualification you have a wide range of options available to UK students or UK working professionals:

  1. Progress to the next level in your career as CMI UK is widely recognised
  2. Continue to study other CMI qualifications in UK
  3. Upgrade your membership to a new level including CMgr and fCMgr

CMI UK states that in an age where brand is about differentiation from the rest, you as a candidate need to make sure, that you develop a distinct personal brand in early days of your career. There’s a unique trait that makes you different and in psychology its called ‘individual differences’, you can use it to drive your selfbranding needs in UK.  In order to be something every UK student study hard, but that’s not the package British firms want. You need a certificate to pass and get a job too, but essentially when you project the real you, you show to UK recruiters what you can do. Therefore personal branding for UK students is to promote their profile, increase their approach and impact in creating a new buzz around their personal brand.

Not a brand yet?

Not a brand yet? Or do you know that CMI will render you as a brand if you attend a course in CMI UK. Oh yes you do. Therefore university and choice of degree matters a lot but what is more important is your ability to present yourself in that UK company to hold a conversation with their client. Your CV is the most obvious way in which you present brand “you”. You’ll have taken the time to fine-tune your UK language skills, and your presentation skills, to ensure it draws affirmative attention to what you say. But your conduct, dress, email signature and even your voicemail greeting combine to create a “personal brand experience” that communicates your personal values. So it’s time to take control of it. Here are some top tips from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in UK, on what you can do to make sure you stand out while staying true to who you are. So, the article clears your doubt about CMI UK recommends UK University students to perfect your personal branding.

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