How to get promotions through career branding in corporate


How to get promotions through career branding in corporate? Read on..

Career Branding Tip 1: Figure out your brand statement

You’ve heard of the thirty-second elevator pitch. Hopefully you have one. Most are not very good because they get cliche and boring. I also suggest you create a five-second elevator pitch, or what I call the bumper sticker. Put your bumper sticker in your LinkedIn headline, which shows up under your name, or put it in your LinkedIn summary. When someone sees your LinkedIn profile, they get an immediate idea of the value you could bring to any UK company. Also put your bumper sticker in your email signature, for reasons similar to what’s stated in the previous sentence.


Career Branding Tip 2: Write a guest post for an industry-specific site

Think about writing a guest post on an established, industry-specific blog. Even if you write just one, you can share that on LinkedIn, and hopefully it will show up if someone searches your name on Google. If I’m an UK hiring manager and I find a post you wrote on the first page of my Google search results, I’d be impressed.


Career Branding Tip 3: Get your LinkedIn profile in order

Hiring managers and recruiters are going to look at your LinkedIn profile. The more impressive you can make it, the better you’ll stand out when compared to others in the interview process. If you write a guest post, share it to industry Groups you are a member of on LinkedIn. This is an excellent way to get your name out to colleagues and peers creating a personal brand comprising of followers. Also ask former colleagues for LinkedIn recommendations (ones that hone in on the skills and talents that tie most closely to your career brand), and don’t forget about your Skills & Endorsements section.


Career Branding Tip 4: Start your own blog

You can easily set up a blog at WordPress, and then commit to writing a post once per week. Focus your posts on topics that will bolster your career/personal brand. Provide interesting, original insight into the topics you cover. If a hiring manager can locate a prospective UK employee’s blog posts, ones that display knowledge of/interest in said prospective UK employee’s line of work, well . . . think of what that could do for the prospect’s hiring chances. Blogging is an excellent way to show off your stuff and prove your worth and passion for your UK career field.


Career Branding Tip 5: Write a book

Some of you will automatically brush this off as an impossible task. Others might say, “I’ve always wanted to write a book!” I credit my first book with keeping my business afloat. It was all about branding and marketing—writing it, in fact, helped me solidify my career/personal brand. When it was released, I started to get media interviews that I had only dreamed about. I got invitations to speak, for a fee, at places I wanted to be. All because I was an author. I had expertise before, but becoming an author gave me credibility as an expert.

Don’t think you need to write a massive manuscript, or find an agent and a publisher. Instead, you can write an eBook. Imagine if in your job search, you can say, “Can I send you a copy of my book on this topic?” A statement along those lines will really set you apart from the other jobseekers you are competing against.

Final Thoughts on Career Branding

One of the most important things to realize about your career branding strategy is that it is not a “one and done.” It is something that needs to become a part of who you are, and how you think. Talking about yourself and communicating your skills and accomplishments is something that you must do regularly, not just when you are in job search mode.

Had I nurtured a network and worked on my career/personal brand, right from the get-go, well . .. that layoff story I profiled at the beginning of the article would have been different. The new job search would have been much shorter, and more fun, and filled with a lot more confidence. How to get promotions through career branding in corporate

Start working on your career/personal brand right now, and once you land your next job, keep working on it.

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