How to start the process of personal branding in UK


In order to start the process of personal branding in UK, firstly we as the best personal branding agency in UK, ideally try to find out your competitors. We take stock of the situation about the UK market, your degree or credentials, your competitors and do scoping. As student in UK, you also need to conduct self-audit of an international student in UK like an inventory of your skillsets, competencies, interests and experiences. Let us do a self-audit in 2022, by asking ourselves questions like:

  1. What do I want in life?

  2. Where do I want to be in 2-5 years in life?

  3. What inspires me as a person?

  4. What is unique about my experiences so far in UK?

  5. What are my talents and skills?

  6. What skills do I need to work on in order to shine in UK?

How to start the process of personal branding in UK

As an international student in UK, one major advantage you have is showing your ability to adjust to a multicultural environment. Your higher level of cultural awareness and possibly your ability to speak different languages, study and mix with students of other nations within UK university is an unique quality.

You can also understand how as a student in UK you are currently perceived by UK people, non UK people. What you can do is to ask for an honest 360-degree feedback being an international student in UK. Remember to be open to this honest feedback from UK individuals, who you interact with you on daily basis. Then try to look at what non-UK students tell about you as an international student in UK and then think about how you want to be seen by others.

Once you have answers for the above, you can start to build personal branding strategy for an international student in UK to take you to where you want to be. This will involve building influence with others through your actions, reach your goals and aspirations.

Lida explains that “Credibility” (which you need to build your personal brand) comes from understanding and having a clear set of values and acting on these to increase your personal influence.


[Credibility = Values + Action]


Understand Personal branding target audience

Define your target audience by breaking down in to three categories but each of these can be equally useful in the longer term:

  • Decision Makers – Those who make hiring decisions or have a decision-making role within businesses.
  • Information sources – Those who have insights and information about a role, organisation or specialism. They can add value to your existing knowledge base.
  • Supporters – Those who support and encourage you. They may be known as a “critical friend”. They could be an official or unofficial mentor/coach.

Remember that as an international student in UK, networking is about creating win-win situations for future. Therefore it is important that where you can you offer support and help to those you need help from. As an international student in UK be genuine and build your personal brand around your real strengths. In long run, this will ensure you are authentic as an individual, which in turn should ensure your networking is meaningful and long lasting. Reach your goals and aspirations using personal branding in UK. We hope how to start the process of personal branding in UK was answered.

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