Networking and Your Personal Brand in UK

There is a lot of confusion about networking and your Personal Brand in UK. Here is a list where some of networking issues UK students face. illustrates step wise practical ways to overcome networking challenges for students in UK . However, firstly UK students need to understand the need for “Personal Branding in UK” in order to justify the networking endeavours.

Importance of networking for students in UK?

What is Networking and why networking for students in UK is useful for your future UK career. It can be used to:

  • Gain career direction in UK and advice, and sift through potential UK career options.
  • Obtain a realistic picture of UK academic and building UK career or a choosing a profession.
  • Understand UK organisation’s culture, adapt and align faster, whether if it is a good fit for students in UK.
  • Open up opportunities for personal development to support a career in UK.
  • Provide introductions to useful contacts, and build a strong relationship-based networking skill.
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships, perhaps creating a coach or mentor.

Networking is not about asking for a job in UK! Instead, it is a chance to make wider connections in UK, get to focus in building conversations, gain insights and to build your own network of working relationships in UK.

Before you start networking

It’s really important to understand your own “Personal Brand and its relation to Networking and Your Personal Brand in UK. Get to read a book by Tom Peters “A brand called you” who was the first to coin this phrase in his 1997 publication. It elaborated on the importance of being able to promote ourselves professionally, clearly and confidently.

Tom Peters quotes: “Regardless of our age, position or the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies. Our most important job is to be Head of Marketing for the brand called you!”

Therefore, before networking, we need to first understand what and why of personal branding, the  strategies to be used, and then confidently promote ourselves in UK and the world.

In order to do this, you need to identify what is unique about you, as there are many students in UK with same age, same degree and specialisation. Watch the personal branding videos in homepage of , to clear confusion and generate understanding “Creating your Personal Brand” by Lida Citroen (2015). A Brand is an “expectation of an experience” and therefore the personal branding strategies is about how we make people “feel” about being around or working with us.

Therefore, personal branding for yourself in UK, you need to keep this in mind the intention is to create a positive feeling around you, based on your interactions. If you are in UK, you need help to showcase an excellent piece of work ahead of time, brandingself helps to project yourself to the UK audience, communicating the real you helping UK people to perceive you, what you are.

The above article on networking and your Personal Brand in UK is likely to make you think. Contact our relationship marketing experts to enlighten how students in UK can benefit through personal branding in UK.

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