Re-branding for job branding


You are a student in UK university and want to beat competition in career. Re-branding for job branding is the new mantra.  If you have high ambitions then you must be thinking to reskill or upgrade your existing competencies. Ask yourself before you plan for reskilling, is it worth after your degree in UK? Or is it better to rebranding yourself in UK.

While you might be asking yourself what to do for creating my impression management or manage reputation online. You are tempted with batchmates signing up for a crash course in  after the business administration degree in UK.

Tips for rebranding yourself in UK

Here are some tips for rebranding yourself in UK instead of reskilling yourself in UK, as we believe that you already have knowledge and competencies after attending UK university degree course. Your dreams in higher education in UK requires a boost or polishing yourself in UK. Fundamentally, if you can connect of what you are doing right now and enjoying it, then you need not change yourself. However, you had high UK ambitions and career aspirations from UK higher education course, but have not been able to strike the chord. Then our suggestion from the best UK student branding agency is to rebrand yourself in UK. That’s lesser pain, an easy repositioning of what you are projected differently to UK society. You need to project your strengths to be leveraged online – to connect to your next jump in UK career. What you need for that is slow transition of your personal brand from one career profile to other one. You need a transition CV! It helps your change of sectors in UK career to be crafted meticulously with reasons that seem so appealing to the UK recruiters. Show us your next job profile or aspirational job description. We engage with UK students seeking help to grow in their career. Instead of reskilling we offer personal branding coach, who takes care of UK student to grow in their career with a direction, style and finesse. UK students and international students studying in UK are often found to lack understanding of the UK job market, and lack approach of personal branding to outsmart thousands of similar UK University degree holders for a vacant position in job.

Tips for rebranding yourself in UK instead of reskilling yourself in UK:-

Starting with setting up of a finite timetable for the change and monitor oneself on weekly /monthly basis. This is must, if you want to change yourself and your future for better.

Put emphasis on hands-on skills like job searching skills on day one. This is must for UK university students as your inner need will guide you to search for UK jobs. You have to walk and knock for UK jobs. If you start doing personal branding in UK as a UK student then jobs will come searching for you. Regularity in searching jobs in UK should lead you early morning check the UK job websites. You might be tempted to engage in many companies who offer unpaid internships. We suggest try to take a self-assessment before wanting to branding. This could be helpful in actually trying out branding self in UK.

Reach out to alumni is a great job searching strategy in UK using personal branding, while make sure that you have mettle within you to exploit the best of yourself for an unexpected UK job opening for which you were not prepared. Look out for job consultants in your area or neighbourhood in UK.  Ask for advice /help about the industry sectors that are flush with jobs. Contemplate! Is it worth to switch sectors in UK for a job profile that is an uncharted territory for you? Some might ignore but some will definitely help out with some pointers. Having a mentor or guide, along with personal branding coach helps immensely in UK higher education learning and career goals setting for international students.


Is it worth to switch sectors in UK for a job profile that is an uncharted territory for you. Some might ignore but some will definitely help out with some pointers. Having a mentor or guide helps immensely in higher education learning and career goals setting in UK.

Lastly go on to prepare a list of potential companies in UK you like work with. Then start applying to UK jobs till you get one. Don’t stop until you finally get an acceptance of job application and a call letter confirming for interview date. If you are not happy with job hunt in UK, then try rebranding yourself in UK university. Get a makeover of yours LinkedIn profile in UK, get professional CV done by professionals, and start posting LinkedIn content posting weekly for sixmonths to one year with twice a week posting of content that people look forward. Branding in LinkedIn is easy, if you can maintain your momentum, and consistency of posting every week. Gain followers in LinkedIn, ask questions in LinkedIn.  Check out with all EU companies who have immediate vacancies for UK students or accepts international student applications for job positions. Remember that being selective about the job roles you might want to apply as it is your domain or specialisation area where you can excel in UK. Sounds easy solution for UK job hunting? If you are not able to get results, contact us for personal branding agency in Northampton helping hundreds of UK university students in order to shape their future career in UK. So you see, rebranding yourself in UK is easier than learning a new things, reskilling yourself in UK.

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