Steps to follow for Online Personal Branding

Building your online reputation will carry you toward success if you start early as competition is everywhere. Here are some specific ways to begin on how to start online Personal Branding and create a powerful brand for yourself! ‍Steps to follow for Online Personal Branding is here- 

Top to-do items for Online Personal Branding

 Step One of Online Personal Branding:

Claim your name as a website domain name. You can do this by going to, and for about $15/year you can have your own domain name. We suggest sticking with the .com to begin with.

Pro Tip: Use your full name, but if that is not available then just use your nickname and last name.

Step Two of Online Personal Branding:

Get a free website on and then begin blogging about your area of interest on your new domain ( Treat your blog like a business blog as whatever you think and write pays you back. Follow the proper writing tips for blog and tricks in order to create a trustworthy and credible blog.

Pro Tip: You can either get a self-hosted domain through DreamHost. If you are looking for less expensive, then you can setup a free blog at or write in a blogging platform like Medium ( with same name of yours ( etc.

Step Three of Online Personal Branding:

Begin writing UK infographic resume  that highlights your unique skillsets, competencies and job experience in UK

Update your LinkedIn profile to include all relevant experience, skills, leadership roles, etc. Think of your LinkedIn profile like your online resume. Then start posting on topics of your area of subject specialisation to create a fan base. Remember this can take some time (12-24 months), so look at plenty of examples and use a template that sticks out.

Step Four of Online Personal Branding:

The last step of personal branding. Attend Meetups in UK and other gatherings that are relevant to your interests. Start networking with people in your industry and your are set to build an empire.

Intern in any UK firm and/or volunteer for local UK industry. This will expose you to wider range or business exposures increasing your social networking connections. It also helps you to get experience of the daily operations of UK industry. You will be ever ready aligning yourself for success, and then engage with UK contacts consistently.

If you have read ‍steps to follow for Online Personal Branding, and have decided to go ahead or ask questions, ask our relationship expert from STUNITED UK ( the largest social media networking website: +91 9830780089.

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